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Are you looking for an experienced lawyer in Willoughby Hills, Ohio? If you, or a loved one, have been charged with a crime, we may be able to help.

Quinn Legal Associates, Inc., handles all criminal cases including, but not limited to, Auto Accidents, Criminal Defense, OVI Defense and DUI Defense (see list). 

Attorney, Patrick D. Quinn, provides legal representation in Ohio and the Southern, West-coast region.

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PATRICK D. QUINN received his B.A. from the University of Michigan in 1972 in Political Science. Pat then went onto graduate from Cleveland Marshall College of Law in 1976. Mr Quinn was admitted to the Ohio bar 1976, and then the U.S. District Court, Northern District of Ohio in 1980. He has also been admitted to practice law in the U.S. Supreme Court 1997.

 Mr. Quinn obtained his Executive MBA at Notre Dame University in South Bend, Indiana. He has been successful in recovering substantial compensation for his clients and focuses his practice on civil litigation in medical malpractice and serious personal injury. He is a member of the American Trial Lawyers Association, Ohio State Bar Association, and Lake County Bar Association.

 Mr. Quinn has actually been active in the defense of Ohio OVI / DUI cases on behalf of those arrested and charged with driving under the influence for over 33 years. Throughout his practice of law he has represented over one thousand five hundred individuals charged with drunk driving in all of the phases of their total defense which includes arguing Motions to Suppress, filing Motions for Discovery and Inspection, Bills of Particulars, Exculpating Information, Motions to Dismiss and jury trials.

 Mr. Quinn  is the founder of Quinn Legal Associates, Inc. He has developed the skills as a trial attorney litigating cases in state and federal courts.

 Mr. Quinn is a member of the National College for DUI Defense, Inc., and the National Board of Trial Advocacy, and is a Certified Civil Trial Attorney by the National Board of Trial Advocacy.

 Pat also attended the National Institute of Trial Advocacy in 1991 and has been engaged in a very active trial practice since 1976.

 Mr. Quinn has extensive experience in arguing Motions to Suppress based upon lack of probable cause to stop an offender, improper administration of field sobriety tests, failure to adhere to the National Highway Safety Standards.

 Mr. Quinn has represented many felony DUI clients. He is very familiar with the AA program. He is also a board member of a treatment facility for alcohol and drug addiction.

 If you have any questions or concerns regarding criminal charges for driving while under the influence of alcohol please contact Mr. Quinn. At Quinn Legal Associates, INC we offer a free consultation, reasonable fees and payment plans available.

Do you need a OVI Lawyer?

Every state has some sort of “driving while intoxicated” statute. The term “driving while intoxicated” is in quotes because none of these laws require that you be “drunk” or “intoxicated” to be guilty. All that is required is that your ability to operate a vehicle has been impaired to any extent at all or that your Blood alcohol level exceeds the state limit (which is now .08% in all states).

Assess your legal situation

An experienced OVI Defense lawyer can help you understand what you are up against and the fines you may be required to pay. A OVI lawyer mostly deals with OVI matters and knows the process inside and out – including options that a public defender may not tell you.

Explain the Consequences

The consequences of a OVI vary greatly from state to state and a OVI lawyer will be able to explain how those consequences in your state apply to you such as (1) harsher punishments for those arrested with BAC limits over .08, (2) special laws for underage drivers arrested for OVI, (3) possible community service or plea bargaining, (4) overlapping jurisdiction of Courts and your state’s motor vehicle licensing department to suspend or revoke your license, and (5) contingent license programs that allow you to use your vehicle to get to and from work.

Manage the process

Dealing with the motor vehicle department can be frustrating and time consuming. A OVI Lawyer can manage the process for you by completing the required forms; making phone calls; scheduling and/or representing you at a Motor Vehicle Department suspension hearing, and making other necessary arrangements.

Represent you in court

An experienced OVI Lawyer knows the ins and outs of the courtroom and may be able to obtain a lesser sentence for you if your situation and state law allows for it.

Don't Know if a OVI Lawyer is right for you? Here are some General Guidelines:


Definitely hire a DWI Lawyer if you already have several OVI and receive another; or if your OVI arrest was the result of an accident or if anyone was injured; or if you are a professional driver whose livelihood depends on keeping your license.


Seriously consider hiring a OVI Lawyer if you’ve been arrested for a second OVI (in the same or another state) or were arrested with a BAC limit over double the legal limit as harsher penalties may apply.


You might want to hire a OVI Lawyer in Willoughby Hills if you don’t understand your rights or OVI laws, what you need to do, or the consequences you face. You also might want legal representation if you are in a profession (or plan to be) that requires bonding or in which any criminal conviction might prevent you from getting or keeping a professional license. If you don’t know the requirements, then you need expert advice before handling the case yourself.

Patrick D. Quinn

BEST Defense Attorney

Area of Practice

– Auto Accidents
– Civil Litigation, Criminal Defense, Criminal
– Defense Law, Debt Collection, Drug Crimes, DUI Defense, DWI Defense
– OVI Defense
– Family Law, Federal Crimes
– Homicide
– Personal Injury, Property Crimes
– Slip and Fall, Sex Crimes
– Traffic Violations, Trucking Accidents
– Vehicular Homicide, White Collar Crimes, Wrongful Death


– BA University of Michigan in 1972 – Political Science
– Cleveland Marshall College of Law in 1976
– Executive MBA at Notre Dame University

Ohio Bar: 1976


2014, District of Columbia
2016, U.S. District Court, District of Maryland
2018, California


– Recipient, Harvard Scholarship Award for Acme Achievement of the Highest Distinction
2001, Adjunct Professor, Construction, California Community College


– The Bar Association of Central City
– California State Bar Association

Johnnie Black

Exceptional Legal Expertise and Professionalism

I can’t express enough gratitude for the outstanding legal representation provided by Pat Quinn. His expertise and dedication resulted in the best possible outcome for my mom’s situation. Pat’s unwavering commitment to justice and excellence truly sets him apart. Thank you, Pat Quinn, for your exceptional service .


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David Porter

Patrick Quinn is an excellent attorney

Patrick Quinn is an excellent attorney. They are on top of everything and you never need to worry about when your hearing is or what is going on. They keep you well informed. If you think you can find an attorney as good taking a cheaper route you are wrong. He is worth every $ and I couldn’t have asked for any better representation. Thanks Mr. Quinn!


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At Quinn Legal Associates, Inc., we are committed to protecting your freedom, your record and your rights. Attorney Patrick D. Quinn has vast legal experience in the fields of criminal law, personal injury and family law matters. If you are in need of serious legal representation you need an experienced attorney to help you get through this difficult time in you life. Patrick D. Quinn works hard to get his clients the best possible outcome for their situation. This is true no matter what the case may be.

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